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SkipWaypoint v1.0 (Download)

Version française


The itinerary before the waypoint cancellation The navigation screen when cancelling the waypoint
The itinerary after the waypoint cancellation  


With SkipWaypoint, you will be able, when following an itinerary planned by the "Itinerary Planning" function of Tomtom, to declare, in one tap on screen, the current waypoint as visited and set next waypoint as current waypoint. The success of operation is indicated by a flashing message in the upper right corner of the navigation screen.

Let's have at look at one example : you drive along an itinerary going from town A to town F, through towns B, C, D and E. The town B is already considered as visited, so the town C is the next waypoint. You decide not to go to town C. With SkipWaypoint, you invalidate the waypoint C and the itinerary is automatically re-calculated to drive you directly to town D.


The /skipwaypoint directory may contain a file called /skipwaypoint/config.txt whose content will be :

message=next waypoint skipped

This message, after the "=" sign, may be changed as desired or translated in another language.

Add a SkipWaypoint icon to the Tomtom menu

If you've got the standard menu (eg. if you have no tomtom.mnu file on your disk), then one icon is added at the end of the main menu, as for any software with a .cap file in the /sdkregistry directory.

If you've got a tomtom.mnu file, you need to modify it to see the corresponding icon in your personalized menu. Add a line :

with "n" equal to the right number (between 1 and 9) for the corresponding /sdkregistry entry, depending of the number and order of .cap files in your /sdkregistry directory.
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