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These softwares run on Tomtom GOx10 with, at least, version 6.11. They also run on Go Classic, Rider and One with version 6.12. For other Tomtom devices, I don't know... To be tested at your own risks...

To get them working on v6.51, download this file, unzip it in the root directory of your Tomtom and re-start it.


provides Tripmaster-like functions and GPS tracking capabilities

Offroad Navigator

llows you to follow an itinerary without maps


allows you to reverse an itinerary you planned on your Tomtom


allows you to record, as they are received by the Tomtom, the NMEA frames or decode the frames during reception


allow to skip next waypoint in an itinerary, in one tap on screen


provides an automatic change of day/night colors depending of GPS position and time
displays periodically the next non-visited waypoint in an itinerary
allows you to browse your Tomtom disk and modify files

For example, with these softwares, you can record a trip, in an itinerary file, even if you're off-road, then reverse it with ReverseItn and navigate back to your starting point with Offroad Navigator. Isn't life pretty ? ;-)

They are provided for free, at your own risks (backup your Tomtom before installation), without any After-Free-Sales Support ;-)

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