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Program for plugins compliance with Tomtom v8.x or v9.x

Download it

French version

Special thanks to Amacri, EventLogger author, who helped me to find the solution for v9.x version.

On Tomtom running v8.x or v9.x navcore, plugins can not be used, as Tomtom has changed the screen refreshment method, that makes the plugin screen appear and disappear each time Tomtom application refreshes its screen.

I provide you here a program that solves this problem, at least for my plugins (Tripmaster v3.0 only for the moment).

It's very easy to install this program, you just need to :

  • download it from here
  • save the downloaded file on your computer, it's a compressed file.
  • connect your Tomtom to your computer and uncompress the downloaded file on the disk assigned to your Tomtom, directly in the main directory of this disk (the first directory opened when you browse this disk).
  • then, you can reboot your Tomtom and use Tripmaster v2.5 (and later versions), which is, for the moment, my only compatible plugin.

Another good news : Height and Tripmaster can live together on the same Tomtom, although they both use a "ttn" file.

You just need to install both plugins and this program and modify the line LD_PRELOAD in the ttn file I'm providing (not Height's ttn) as follows :

LD_PRELOAD=/mnt/sdcard/Height/height.so:/mnt/sdcard/plugins_hook/plugins_hook.so ttn
Then, you'll get height display, except when Tripmaster is in foreground.

NB: the ttn file edition must be done with an editor that maintains the Unix format of the file, like UltraEdit or Vi. Notepad or Wordpad can't be used for that.

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