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The following instructions describe the way to transform your Tomtom in an external GPS receiver for your PC, to be able to see your trip on a PC NMEA frames analysis software like GPS TrackMaker, Microsoft Autoroute Express or Route66 (or any other software able to read NMEA frames on the serial port of a PC).

The scripts and programs for Tomtom have been developed by TheDuke fromMeinTomtom.De forum, I have been testing them on GO910 and Rider and I have translated them in english and french.

IMPORTANT: when you use Bluetooth Console on your Tomtom, all other Bluetooth functions are de-activated. You can't phone anymore thru your Tomtom, for example. To re-activate these Bluetooth functions, you need to reboot your Tomtom, that's why a "Reboot Tomtom" icon is given within these scripts, to be able to reboot your Tomtom from the menu.

The operation below need to be done only once, when installing on your Tomtom and on your PC all the required elements for the Bluetooth connection. For further usage, just click here.

  • First, download the scripts from TheDuke site (paragraph Download at the end of the page).
  • Install them on your Tomtom by unzipping the downloaded file in the main directory of your Tomtom. This will create a /btconsole directory and this will add 2 icons in your Tomtom, by creating 2 files btconsole.cap and reboot.cap in the /sdkregistry directory. The corresponding .bmp files doesn't exist, so the icons appear as question marks, this is normal.
  • On your Tomtom, click on Bluetooth Console and put your Tomtom near your PC

  • Allow Bluetooth connection on your PC and run the Bluetooth Connection Manager to create a new connection :

  • Click on New connection, the following window appears : select Customized mode and click on Next.

  • Your PC searches for Bluetooth devices.

  • Search has succeeded, your PC has detected a Tomtom device . Click on Next to setup the connection to this device.

  • Select Serial Port service and click on Next.

  • Uncheck Use default COM port checkbox and click on Next.

  • Acknowledge the information message by clicking on OK.

  • Select the serial port to be used, Com6 in our example, but it may be any other port, as soon as this port is free and visible in the NMEA software you'll use later. Click on Next.

  • The serial port is set up, click on Next.

  • You may rename the connection, create an icon for it on your desktop to find it back easily. Click on Next to complete the configuration.

  • Click on Finish to validate the connection parameters. It is now available and we'll be re-used each time you'll connect your PC and your Tomtom.

  • Tomtom connection is displayed in the Bluetooth Connection Manager, connectez le Tomtom et le PC en double-cliquant dessus.

  • Now, we are going to set up the serial connection that will use this Bluetooth connection, by using a terminal emulator like HyperTerminal available in Windows. Give a name to this serial connection and click on OK.

  • Select the serial port used previously in the Bluetooth connection, to establish the link between both connections and click on OK.

  • Set up the connection parameters. In fact, the only one to set is the transmission speed, equal to 115200. Click on OK.

  • The serial connection is now opened and the following HyperTerminal window appears. Click 3 times on the Enter key to get Tomtom login: Linux prompt and input root followed by the Enter key as login. There's no need for a password, and now you're connected to the Linux system of your Tomtom.

  • Input the following command cat /dev/gpsdata followed by Enter key to activate NMEA frames reception. The frames are continuously displayed on screen.

  • Cut the serial connection by clickin on the Call menu, then Disconnect sub-menu and acknowledge the following message, by clicking on Yes.

  • Run the NMEA frames analysis software. In our example, we are using GPS TrackMaker, which is a freeware, but it works identically with Microsoft Autoroute Express or Route66. Select the GPS configuration menu.

  • Select the serial port on which GPS TrackMaker will read the frames : Com6 in our example and click on OK.

  • The NMEA frames reception begins and GPS TrackMaker will show the result of your trip on your PC screen.

All the operations above need only to be done at first time. For next usage, you just need to :

  • Run Bluetooth Console on your Tomtom
  • Connect your Tomtom to the Bluetooth adaptator of your PC by double-clicking on the Tomtom Bluetooth connection
  • Connect your PC and your Tomtom by running HyperTerminal thru the serial connection Tomtom
  • Connect to Tomtom Linux system
  • Run the NMEA frames reception command
  • Disconnect the serial connection
  • Run the NMEA frames analysis software

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